About Bryan Lakatos


An educator with two decades of teaching and discovery, I now serve as the Director of Technology & Innovation at The Miami Valley School in Dayton, OH. Though I started out as a high school Latin teacher, my interest and slow migration toward the technology side of education has driven me to become quite passionate about using our newest tools and resources to make powerful improvements in the way we think about teaching and learning. I think design thinking is perhaps the most powerful way to do this.

I'm a hopeless optimist and I believe that openness and transparency are our best hopes in maintaining our humanity in the face of so much technology. I have found that the connections I make with others - over the Internet or in real life - grow in substance the more I share. I am in agreement with Chris Lehmann, Scott McLeod, and so many others that sharing makes school real.

I believe that access to the tools and resources of technology should be open and available as freely as possible to all. My car's license plate reads "Linuxy" and if you know what that means, you've found a friend.

I believe that there is no way to predict where the next earth-shaking, world-changing, or life-saving idea will come from, and that it is more and more likely every day to come from the vast, connected landscape of human minds around the planet. The more minds we can connect, the better we all will be. 

I also believe that without proper exercise of our creative selves, through art, music, play and experimentation, we lose some of the essential qualities that make us human. The more creative, flexible and innovative we can be, the faster we'll experience improvement.


Like what I have to say?

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I'm always excited to speak to anyone who's interested in the progression of education in the modern world. In the past, that's been schools, businesses,  parent groups, but in the future, that could be you.

I also have a standing offer to teach any public figure or leader how the Web/Internet works for the price of travel, room, and board. I'll bring my own markers.

contact me for more details: bryan [.] lakatos [@] gmail [.] com