Ready for EduCon 2.8

I consider myself quite lucky to be in Philadelphia celebrating my 4th EduCon tonight. Right now, I'm enjoying the familiar Thursday night excitement from the anticipation of something I know is coming, but I'm unsure of its form. My mind will be blown I've no doubt, I'm just not sure how or by what yet.  

I'm also lucky because I'm joined by 3 colleagues who are also open-minded and ready to be inspired, to share, and to steal with the best of intentions. All three are just coming off an intense month of Immersion, a "J Term"-like time at MVS where they've led special, full-time programs. And I mean "just" coming off: all three wrapped their programs at 3:30 this afternoon and left for the airport at 4. I know, right?! That's some seriously inspiring dedication to the craft. They're each actively searching for better answers (and better questions) and are forgoing any downtime between Immersion and the start of spring term bright and early on Monday morning. 

So here's to the SLA community, Chris and Diana and all the other adults and adolescents that have worked harder than we deserve and give us their school every year. Here's to the attendees giving up their time to spend a bit of winter in Philadelphia to make the world a better place. Here's to trusting serendipity and jumping in with both feet. Tonight's dinner came with a fortune cookie advising us to "embrace change, don't battle it." How 'bout we do one better and chase it?